That's not me. But those are two very tasty tacos I had on Cozumel, and that's something, too, right?

Who Am I?

Born in the turbulent 80s in Magdeburg (then still part of East Germany), where I also grew up and (after a few short interruptions) still live today. High school, conscript military service, college, a steady job - I'll spare you all the little nonlinear aspects of my biography. During the working week, I tap away on a keyboard to resolve software problems. During my free time, I tap away on a keyboard to resolve story problems.

A Field guide to recognizing Me

The following points may serve as helpful clues to identify me in a crowd / class photo / lineup.

  • Persistently attempts to grow a beard, against all odds.
  • Drops Phil Collins references like that without a hint of irony.
  • Divides leisure time equally between staring at a screen and staring off into nowhere.
  • Harbors strong opinions on silly topics, and vice versa.